Vector Control

The City of Blythe has an active vector control program for the control of mosquitoes in the Blythe area. The Public Works Department administers the program and is usually busy with mosquito control activities from March through September.

Our desert may seem an unlikely place for mosquitoes. However, more that a dozen species have found a way to survive in the Palo Verde Valley. Mosquitoes breed in almost every aquatic environment except swift running water and open bodies of water.

The City of Blythe uses two treatment methods:Pre-treatment and Adulticiding.

Pre-treatment treats mosquito sources where the larva grows. This is accomplished by treating pooling water sources around the city such as large puddles from storms and irrigation tail water where it accumulates. This is the most effective control measure.

Adulticiding is the activity of fogging an area where sever mosquito activity is occurring. This only kills the active mosquitoes that are flying in the area. Though it can help with pockets of infestation the kill rate is not as effective for mosquito control as pre-treatment.  The city uses a Ultra Low Volume sprayer (ULV) machine to fog and it usually goes out during times if inversion (Dusk and Dawn) which is usually the time of heaviest mosquito activity.  

What You Can Do to Help Control Mosquitoes
  • Maintain swimming pools, dog bowls, bird baths and any other water source around your property.
  • Empty and invert any containers that hold water.
  • Avoid over irrigation. This will prevent accumulated water for mosquitoes and may reduce your water bill.
Personal Protection from Mosquitoes
  • Use repellents that contain the active ingredient DEET.
  • Wear long pants and long sleeve shirts that are loose fitting when outside during times of heavy mosquito activity.
  • Do not put bug zappers or white lights near where you plan to have outdoor activities; this will draw mosquitoes towards you during times of mosquito activity.
  • Seal all openings on your window screens and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. Remember, white light attracts some mosquitoes.