Public Works

The goal of Public Works Administration is to provide the highest quality service to the citizens of Blythe.  The department has 22 full-time employees, a budget of $12 million and is organized into the following divisions:
  • Engineering
  • Street Maintenance
  • Central Garage
  • Water
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Sewer Collection
  • Solid Waste (Trash)
The combined responsibilities of these departments include maintaining and managing the City’s infrastructure.  The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and improvement of all publicly owned streets, curbs, gutter and sidewalks, storm drains, storm lift stations, traffic signals, water treatment, production and distribution, sewer collection and treatment, sewer lift stations, solid waste (trash) collection and recycling programs, vehicle maintenance of all city vehicles and vector control. In addition, the department supervises all construction of public improvements in subdivisions and on public property, through its Engineering Division.