Business License

Municipal Code Requirements

1.       Business License will be required of every person, company, organization, partnership or corporation transacting business within the city limits.

2.       Every new business located within the city limits must pass inspection by the Planning & Building Department.

3.       A permit from the Planning Department must be obtained before installing any signs.

4.       A Home Occupancy Permit from the Planning Department must be obtained if you are conducting business from your residence.

Procedures For Becoming Licensed

1.       Before applying for a City Business License you must:

A.      Check with the Planning & Building Department to ensure that your business location meets zoning requirements and is suitable for the nature of your business.

B.      File a Fictitious Name Statement if required, with the Riverside County Clerk, and arrange for the statement to be published in the local newspaper (Palo Verde Valley Times).

C.      Apply for a seller’s permit (sales tax number) from the State Board of Equalization, if the nature of your business requires collection of State sales tax. 

2.       Complete the application for Business License and pay necessary fees.  A fee schedule for Business License Tax may be obtained from the Finance Department.

A.      If you have never had a Blythe City Business License, the fee for the first year will be pro-rated from start of business through the end of the calendar year.

3.       License application will be reviewed, if all requirements are met, the license will be issued.

4.       License will be valid from date of issuance until the end of the calendar year.  Allow ten working days for processing of license application.

5.       Renewal notices are sent out at the end of every calendar year as a courtesy.  However, the responsibility of renewal lies with the business owner, and failure to receive the renewal notice will not relieve the applicant of any obligation for payment or penalties for the delinquency.  Annual license fees are due on January 2nd of each year.

Applications/Renewals can only be submitted in person at the Finance Department or mailed to City Hall, ATTN: Business Licensing. All fees must be paid prior to processing with cash, check or money order only; check made payable to the CITY OF BLYTHE.