How do I start the development process?

The Project Review Committee Process (PRC) is the first step in the development of a project. The purpose of the Project Review is to ensure that a proposed development is in conformance with the standards of the zone district in which it is located.  More specifically, the process is intended to result in well-designed and properly built projects that will enhance the community.   Additionally, by getting project conditions up front, there are no surprises during your development progress and you will know what needs to be budgeted.

Project Review is required for all newly constructed land uses with the exception of the construction of single family dwellings on infill parcels.  Generally, Project Review is not required for minor construction projects such as swimming pools, fences, sheds, carports/garages, and minor additions or remodeling of existing buildings.  Commercial projects are most always subject to Project Review for both new construction and changing the use of an existing structure.  

The Applicant assembles the required documentation/information indicated on the Project Review Submittal form and submits that to the Planning Department.   Staff will distribute the submittal “package” to 26 different agencies (Edison, Gas Company, City Fire Department, Frontier, etc.) for review and comment.  Those agencies wishing to provide comment will do so within a specified period of time (normally two weeks although each project is evaluated individually).  Planning staff will then compile all comments into one written document that reflects requirements and standards necessary for the project to move forward.  The Applicant may then take the conditions of approval to their design professional for inclusion before moving to the next step of their development process (i.e. discretionary action [if required] or building permit submittal).  The comment letter accompanying the conditions of approval will specify what the required next course of action will be.

 The entire process takes an average of four weeks to complete. When complete, the Applicant will have a “road map” to follow when navigating through the development process.

 Click on the link below for the PRC Application. 

PRC Application

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1. How do I start the development process?
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