When is the election?

The Special Election was May 5, 2020.

It was a mail ballot election, which means there were no polling places. Ballots were be mailed to voters. Voters mailed or dropped off ballots at designated drop-off locations, including the City Clerk’s Office. Ballots were dropped off by May 5, 2020 or postmarked on or before May 5, 2020 and received no later than May 8, 2020 to be counted.

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1. When is the election?
2. What is the Sales Tax Measure?
3. Why is the Sales Tax Measure on the Special Election ballot?
4. If the tax measure is approved, what could the City spend the money on?
5. How would the Sales Tax Measure funds be accounted for?
6. Will all purchases be impacted by the Sales Tax Measure?
7. What is taxable under the Sales Tax Measure?
8. Who will pay the Sales Tax Measure tax?
9. What is the impact on taxable purchases?
10. If approved, when would the additional one cent (1%) transaction and use tax authorized by the Sales Tax Measure take effect?
11. How much money is the City going to get?
12. Will this tax cover all of the needs the City has?
13. What are the costs of the special election?
14. Is this type of sales tax common?
15. What happens if the Sales Tax Measure doesn’t pass?