Measure K - Sales Tax Measure Information

Measure K, the Sales Tax Measure, is an ordinance to establish a 1%, or one cent, transactions and use tax in the City of Blythe. This type of tax, commonly referred to as a “local sales tax,” is collected along with other state and local sales and use taxes. A one cent tax on a $100.00 taxable purchase would, for example, cost the consumer $1.00.

It is anticipated that the tax would initially generate approximately $1.1 million in revenue annually. Proceeds of the tax would be deposited in the City’s general fund, controlled by the City Council of the City of Blythe, and available for any lawful municipal purpose. Examples of permissible uses include maintaining police and fire services, funding blight and building abatement, addressing homelessness, attracting and retaining businesses, replacing aging public safety equipment, making street and pothole repairs and providing general City services.

The proceeds of the tax would be subject to an annual audit by an independent certified public accountant. The results of the audit would be reported to the City Council and posted on the City’s website for public inspection. As required by state law, the City would contract with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration for administration of the tax.

The combined rate of all state and local sales taxes applicable to taxable sales in the City of Blythe is currently 7.75%. Of this 7.75%, the City currently receives only 1.0%. The remaining revenues go to the state or the county or its agencies. The proposed new tax would increase the combined tax rate to 8.75%.

Purchases in Blythe that are exempt from the statewide sales tax would also be exempt from the proposed new tax. For example, most groceries, prescription drugs and purchases of services would be exempt from taxation.

If approved, the tax would remain in effect until amended or repealed by the voters.

This measure was placed on the ballot by the City Council of the City of Blythe.

A YES vote approves the measure and authorizes the proposed tax.

A NO vote rejects the measure and the proposed tax.

Letter From Council

Measure K - Sales Tax Measure FAQs (Online)

Measure K - Sales Tax Measure FAQs (.pdf)

Sales Tax Rates of surrounding cities:

Cathedral City 8.75%
Coachella 8.75%
Goodyear 8.80%
Lake Havasu City 7.85%
Indio 8.75%
La Quinta 8.75%
Palm Desert 7.75%
Palm Springs 9.25%
Phoenix 8.6%
Quartzite 10.1%
Rancho Mirage 7.75%
Riverside 8.75%
Yuma 8.41%

The above list outlines the sales tax rates you are currently paying when shopping or dining in any of the above cities. The City of Blythe’s sales tax rate is 7.75%. If the 1% Sales Tax Measure is approved by voters on May 5, 2020, Blythe’s Sales Tax rate would be 8.75% as of October 1, 2020.