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Water Service Activation Responsibility and Hold Harmless Agreement

    235 N BROADWAY BLYTHE, CA 92225
    760-922-6161 EXT 1233 or 1234

  2. I hereby authorize the City of Blythe Water Department (“City”) to activate water service to the below referenced property without being present or represented at the time of activation. As the property owner or property owner’s authorized agent, tenant, assignee (“Authorized Assignee”) of the property referenced below as the “Service Address”, I acknowledge responsibility for ensuring that all water appurtenances are in the off position at the property, including, but not limited to, faucets, hose bibs, sprinkler systems and any other outlets that may be affected by service activation. I agree to hold the City harmless and accept all responsibility for all water leaks, open valves or fixtures, or other water which may cause damage to the property and/or premises.

    Meters, including the water meter, meter valve, or other valve, along with any other appurtenances, equipment or facilities used for the purpose of rendering water service or the making of such water services available to the premises, whether located within the meter box or not, are the property of the City and are to be operated only by authorized City personnel. Use, operation, or tampering with City property, except by authorized City personnel, is strictly prohibited.

    In the event that a leak or water usage is observed at the time of service activation, the authorized City field technician or representative will close the meter service valve immediately and water service will not be activated until an additional service call is requested and scheduled during normal business hours.

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